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A company crisis or corporate economic distress is often caused by outdated structures and processes that are too rigid, mismanagement or a faulty strategic orientation, insufficient staffing or a lack in know-how. This results in a negative earnings situation, high indebtedness and liquidity constraints – even though the company definitely has the potential to grow. As a financial investor, Nestro Capital has specialised in the restructuring and reconstruction of these companies – by providing long-term capital. Thanks to our management expertise, manpower and relevant know-how combined with our network of renowned and competent business partners in nearly every specialized field, we get your company back on the road to economic success

Beyond this focus, as a flexible and dynamic private equity company, we are interested in buying companies of any kind – across all sectors and regardless of their financial situation.

Nestro Capital - focused, versatile & goal-oriented

Whether comprehensive renovation needs and / or complex carve-out – we master every situation: competent and reliable.

Investors, entrepreneurs, advisers and managers – we offer an unbeatable combination of specialists with concentrated expertise covering any and all fields. From management and corporate leadership, finance and controlling, to purchasing, sales and distribution: We know exactly what we are talking about and we know which concepts to apply and how they work. We adapt our expertise to meet the specific requirements of your business situation and are able to develop tailor-made, suitable concepts, which not only work in theory, but also lead to success in practice. It does not matter if your company requires restructuring and/or a complex carve-out – we master any situation competently and reliably.

Your reliable partner in any situation

Nestro Capital accepts any challenge and comes out on top.


The way out of financial distress: Recognizing your company's potential and getting it back on track

There are many reasons why a company may plunge into a crisis. More and more capital is burnt that fails to create any success, threatening lay-offs, negative headlines and insolvency, profit falls by the wayside and nerves are raw. It is high time to look for professional support and to get your organisation back on its feet again with the help of a strong partner. You are never alone in this situation: We are there to assist you with appropriate management.

Exiting a group of companies – spinning off companies

Leaving a group of companies and starting a successful and independent company: Kapitrage provides long-term capital, a target-oriented concept as well as an operational commitment, in order to put your company back on the right track, even by implementing the exit plan on its own. We invest in a strong basis, expand all core competencies and actively strive for the ideal company positioning by applying the appropriate strategies.

Selling a company – ensuring a safe company succession with Nestro Capital

Have you decided to sell your company and are now looking for a suitable successor? Or are you at least playing with the idea? Have you invested a lot of time and work into the construction of the company and you want know your company in good hands? You are not just looking for any buyer, but for a trusted partner who actively supports you and to whom you can address any question? Nestro Capital offers you intensive support, from the business valuation to the professional implementation of a satisfactory solution for all parties involved – you are in good hands with us.

Management buyout – strategic synergies

Furthermore, we are on hand as a strategic investor to assume the management of companies, when it comes to taking over or developing an existing business. Besides pure capital we provide you with an operational commitment and an extensive network of valuable contacts – in this way we widen perspectives and together create synergies and (even more) corporate values involving the participation of all stakeholders.

We don’t just watch, we take action – success thanks to operational commitment

We don’t just invest, we also take an active part in leading your company to success. This is our management principle to which we hold true and which distinguishes us from many other investment or private equity companies. We have gained valuable and comprehensive experience in the management of various companies. This experience is applied to every company with passion – of any size or sector. Nestro Capital works for you, hands on.

A long-term approach instead of a one-off solution – we give you options thanks to a sustainable capital provision

By means of private and independent equity capital we provide a sustainable support enabling your organisation to get back on its feet and allowing for continuous improvement. From machine factories to textile trade, Kapitrage provides capital across all sectors, which is the cornerstone for success. Providing a great amount of flexibility and transaction security as well as trustworthy and professional interactions, we make you feel confident when handing over your company.
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